About Us

The story of a real love for the sea with a genuine Menorquin Yacht Experience.

Our yachts, designed to navigate efficiently and leisurely, allow you to experience the sea in a unique, comfortable and enjoyable ride.

The semi-displacement hull that characterizes all of our Menorquins offers an extraordinary breadth in boat width, ensuring maximum stability regardless of the sea’s condition and its very shallow draft allows you to explore even the smallest bays and coves. This comfort in living and seafaring is difficult to find in other yachts with similar boat lengths.

All Buccara Menorquin charter yachts are fully equipped and ready to leave for fun and adventure. Buccara takes care of all the details, so you only need to bring your enthusiasm for the journey. Our yachts are navigated by qualified skippers who know our boats and bring you safely to your destination.

Our philosophy invites you to experience the sea, the islands and nature without haste. Enjoy a relaxing journey until reaching your destination, that is the spirit of SLOW YACHTING.