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Discover The Best of Summer With Buccara

Summer is just around the corner and it’s time to start planning your next adventure. Spain, Austria, Italy and Croatia are four incredible destinations that offer something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for sun and sand, mountain views and outdoor activities, these countries have it all. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at what to expect during your next summer holiday.

1.Spain (Villajoyosa)

 This beautiful coastal town is in the province of Alicante, on the Costa Blanca. The town is known for its colorful houses and sandy beaches. During the summer, visitors can enjoy swimming, sunbathing, and watersports. In addition, Villajoyosa is home to the Valor Chocolate Museum, where visitors can learn about the history of chocolate and sample some of the delicious chocolate products made in the area.

2. Spain (Mallorca)

Mallorca is the largest island in the Balearic Islands, located off the east coast of Spain. The island is known for its stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant nightlife. Visitors can explore the historic capital city of Palma, hike in the Serra de Tramuntana mountains, or relax on one of the island’s many beaches. In addition, Mallorca is home to some of Spain’s best restaurants, serving fresh seafood and other local specialties.

3. Spain (Marbella)

Marbella is a luxurious resort town located on the southern coast of Spain, in the province of Malaga. The town is known for its beautiful beaches, high-end shops and restaurants, and glamorous nightlife. Visitors can enjoy watersports, sunbathing, and golfing during the day, and then head out to one of the town’s many nightclubs or bars in the evening.

3.Italy (Cormons)

Cormons is a small town located in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region of Italy, known for its beautiful countryside and world-renowned wines. During the summer, visitors can explore the town’s historic center, sample the local wines at one of the many vineyards, or take a scenic bike ride through the rolling hills. Cormons is also a great base for exploring the nearby towns of Udine and Trieste, as well as the stunning beaches of the Adriatic coast.

4. Austria (Kitzbühel)

Kitzbühel is a picturesque town located in the Austrian Alps, known for its skiing and outdoor activities. During the summer, visitors can hike in the mountains, swim in the nearby lakes, or play a round of golf on one of the town’s many courses. Kitzbühel is also home to a historic town center with many shops and restaurants.

5. Austria (Westendorf)

Westendorf is a charming village in the Brixental valley, surrounded by rolling hills and mountains. The village is known for its excellent ski slopes during the winter months, but during the summer, visitors can enjoy hiking, mountain biking and other outdoor activities. Buccara has a beautiful, secluded house in the mountains where you can enjoy the peace and quiet while blending in with nature.

5. Austria (Brixental)

Brixental is a valley located in the Austrian state of Tyrol, surrounded by stunning mountain scenery. The area is known for its hiking and mountain biking trails, as well as its traditional Tyrolean architecture and cuisine. During the summer, visitors can enjoy outdoor activities like rafting, climbing, and paragliding.

5. Croatia (Sukosan)

If you visit Sukosan, Croatia, don’t miss the chance to go on a charter aboard one of our traditional Menorquin boats. These beautifully crafted vessels provide a unique and authentic way to discover the stunning Adriatic coastline, with its crystal-clear waters and idyllic islands. Whether you opt for a leisurely excursion or try your hand at sailing, a Menorquin boat trip is an experience you won’t want to miss during your visit to Sukosan


When traveling to Spain, Austria, Italy or Croatia during the summer, make sure to pack comfortable shoes and clothing for outdoor activities, and don’t forget your sunscreen!


And if you are looking for the best accommodation in any of these destinations, be sure to look at the beautiful properties Buccara has to offer. Whether you’re looking for a beachside villa in Marbella or a cozy chalet in Kitzbühel, Buccara has something for everyone. With perfectly manicured accommodations and personalized service, Buccara can help make your summer holiday unforgettable. What are you waiting for? Start planning your next adventure today and discover all that these places have to offer.