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Menorquin, a historical bond with the Mediterranean

Our Menorquin yachts are the perfect choice for those seeking a unique experience of the sea. Get ready, as we embark on a journey through their history and why they are our favorite boats.


Imagine strolling through a picturesque harbor where several Menorquin yachts line up, each with a story to tell. These vessels inherit a rich maritime tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation.

The origins of Menorquin yachts date back centuries when the fishermen of Menorca needed reliable and versatile vessels to face the challenges of the sea. The “llaüts,” traditional fishing boats, were the first vessels used by Menorcan fishermen. These boats, built with oak and pine wood, stood out for their strength and ability to navigate in adverse conditions.

As time went by, they evolved to adapt to new needs. As Menorca became a tourist destination, the boats began to transform into recreational vessels to meet the demand of those seeking to explore the beautiful coasts of the island. New design elements were incorporated, and special attention was paid to aesthetics, turning Menorquin yachts into authentic floating works of art.


One of the highlights of Menorquin yachts is the craftsmanship employed in their construction. Each boat is a unique creation, meticulously crafted by skilled artisans who master ancient naval carpentry techniques. Teakwood, known for its durability and beauty, is used in the construction of the decks and interiors of the boats. These artisans breathe life into the wood, creating intricate details and impeccable finishes that make each Menorquin yacht a collector’s piece.

Since 2011, these yachts have not been manufactured, hence their great value in the current market.

These yachts are much more than simple vessels; they are bearers of unforgettable experiences. By embarking on one of them, you will immerse yourself in a perfect combination of history, design, and freedom on the sea.


Let Buccara guide you on this adventure, as we have an extensive fleet of Menorquin yachts in Menorca, Marbella, Villajoyosa, Croatia, and the Bahamas. Come and discover the magic of Menorquin!