New year. New places. New experiences. | Buccara

New year. New places. New experiences.

The first of January always comes on the winds of change. Intentions and personal goals are set. New year’s resolutions are made, while we’re still in that honeymoon phase of a new beginning. The new year marks the end of the festive season, and brings around a time of focus.

Wherever you went in December with Buccara, we’re glad to announce that there’s much, much more to discover. There’s no need to book the next flight home – even if you’re trying to get prepared for the first business meeting of 2023.

Perhaps you need a quiet place, with unbelievably gorgeous scenery – somewhere tranquil to keep calm and serene, while 2023 opens the floodgates of new business deals, books to write, and calls from a personal assistant. Sound like something you need? Check out our cottages in Italy, the castles in Knysna, or even the isolated, rustic-yet-sumptuous wood cabins of Austria


Then again – there are those who like to mix business and leisure, with the day being spent closing deals, and the evening being spent exploring and indulging in the energetic pulse of the city; meeting new people, eating sublime meals from world-class restaurants, and sipping on the most deliciously crafted wine you can find.

If that sounds more like you, then you’ll feel right at home in any of our stunning homes in Spain or South Africa.


With the boom in remote working over the past few years, it’s become possible to get work done, anywhere in the world. You may as well be somewhere enriching, exciting, and supremely comfortable while you’re working.

It’s time to get down to business – but do it with Buccara. 


Visit our list of curated locations, and get that first working of holiday of 2023 booked. Otherwise, email us on for more information.


Before we wrap up, the Buccara team would like to wish you a happy, peaceful, and prosperous 2023. We hope that it brings you joy, adventure, and more opportunities – to explore, to travel, and to do more of what you love.