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Spend the Holiday Season with Buccara

The festive season comes with imagery of snow, of fires and hot chocolate. Of heavy coats, fir trees, and a toasty-warm home where families come together.


At least, that’s how it is for some places. Other places flip the script entirely – and perhaps now is the perfect time for you to take that journey to a place where December means sunshine, warm beaches, cocktails, and adventure.

Sound good? We thought it might. Which is why this month, our focus is on three countries where the Buccara family feel at home in a whole new way for the festive season.


There’s a saying in South Africa that December isn’t just a month… It’s a lifestyle. And wherever you decide to, you’ll soon come to realise that saying exists for a reason. With no end to the adventures and experiences on offer, South Africa is a truly unique destination for both business and leisure – whether it’s one of those, or both.


What would a holiday in Spain be if it wasn’t spent in a villa?

Perhaps you’d opt for the coastline of Villajoyosa, with its gorgeous beaches that epitomise the full Mediterranean experience of warm, blue water and rolling cliffs, and indescribably beautiful sunsets.


Maybe you’d rather claim a private property on the island of Mallorca, with its ancient ruins (including a 14th century monastery), eclectic markets, traditional art, and contemporary boutique stores, Mallorca is alive with history and adventure.



When you picture a snowy, white Christmas, with thick, creamy hot chocolate, roaring fires, Glühwein and delicious Christmas meals… there’s a good chance you’ve got a picture of Austria in mind.

The Austrian Christmas markets are famous for their energy, beauty, and range of traditional Austrian goods, and there’s nothing better than walking through a night market with a cup of hot chocolate after a day of skiing on the snow-covered slopes of the mountains surrounding the villages where Buccara properties lie.

Westendorf, Kitzbühel, and Brixental are the best of what Austria has to offer when it comes to comfort-filled travel destinations. Whether you’re after private, quiet seclusion, snow-capped vista views, or a contrast of contemporary and traditional, you’ll find it in Austria with Buccara.

Living festive with Buccara

There’s no denying it. Any December spent as part of the Buccara family is a December you’ll remember for the rest of your life.


It’s time to choose your castle, vote on a villa, or lay claim to a lodge for the festive season. Whatever you decide, do it with Buccara.


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