Bahamas | Buccara


The Bahamas are scattered like jewels over the ocean southeast of Florida and offer endless opportunities for sailors.

With 700 islands and thousands of bays to explore in the Bahamas, it will be hard to find a place closer to paradise on earth. Warm, gentle trade winds constantly caress the protected water around the Bahamas, making it a perfect choice for families and beginners.


Just below the surface of the warm water is almost a quarter of the earth’s coral, where a spectacular variety of tropical marine life floats. Divers will find one of the most comprehensive dive destinations in the world, with a selection of sunken Spanish galleons, massive blue holes, forest-like coral reefs and underwater caves. Visit famous dive sites such as the Abacos Train Wreck, the USS Adirondack or the Tongue of the Ocean for an unforgettable diving experience.