Villajoyosa / Costa Blanca | Buccara


The Costa Blanca is, without a doubt, the ideal place to spend a holiday at sea.

Its imposing cliffs and its paradisiacal beaches and coves will make you fall in love. Go ahead and enjoy a Slow Yachting experience while exploring the cliff-lined coast shaped over time.


Villajoyosa has something special that makes all those who visit want to return. Romantic sunsets while admiring the mixture of ochre and blue colours of the sky will make you feel in peace and more relaxed than ever. The light of a Mediterranean locality, the configuration of the old town, with its small streets that reminisce of the past, its houses close to the port painted in the purest of Mediterranean styles, in bright luminous colours, are the biggest attractions for tourists.

The town also enjoys an excellent climate, that makes it a recommended destination any time of the year.

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